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Szymanowski Orthodontics “Sactown Smiles” Patient Photo Contest

Official Rules and Regulations

  1. Szymanowski Orthodontics “Sactown Smiles” patient photo contest is open to entries from all current and former patients of Szymanowski Orthodontics. This includes patients in retention, active treatment, and pre-treatment re-care. Entries are accepted from children of current employees, but employees, owners and shareholders in Szymanowski Orthodontics are not eligible for entry. All entrants must be 7 years of age or older.
  1. Precise dates of the submissions and contest will be determined and published by Szymanowski Orthodontics.
  1. Dates, deadlines, contest rules, prescribed e-mail addresses and promotional information will be disseminated by Szymanowski Orthodontics using the website, mass e-mail, statement stuffers and such other means as we may designate.
  1. All entries will be accepted from authorized entrants [Section 1] during the prescribed dates [Section 2] exclusively by uploading the data to the prescribed website address [Section 3]. Entries will be in a “jpeg” compatible format and will be accompanied by [a] the person’s name, [b] the person’s age, [c] a valid e-mail address, phone number and [d] the office in which they are seen. Online submission is the secure method of entry for this contest. *Patients entering the contest must have permission from their parent or guardian to enter and submit their photo.  All entrants will be required to verify that they have read the contest rules before they will be allowed to officially submit their entry.
  1. All entries become the property of Szymanowski Orthodontics and cannot be returned. All data transmitted with the entry is protected by the Privacy Policy of Szymanowski Orthodontics and the Federal regulations of HIPPA.
  1. All “jpeg” entries will be cropped to show primarily the face, smile and hair. The photos will be resized to a “portrait” view of approximately 370 X 480 dpi. These photos will be presented to the panel of judges without personal information and identified only by numerical identification numbers.
  1. All entries shall be designed to present primarily the face and smile of the individual. Judges are instructed to choose finalists [and a significant number of alternates] from among those submitted based on appearance, smile, and attractiveness. They are further instructed to attempt to maintain as much balance and equity as possible within their selections based on gender, age and ethnicity. From the total number of entries, the independent panel of judges will select a group of semi-finalists to be presented for public voting. All decisions of the judges will be final and without appeal.
  1. Semi-finalists and a significant number of alternates will be notified by telephone of their selection. At that time, acceptance is indicated verbally.
  1. The semi-finalists’ photos will be posted on the website of Szymanowski Orthodontics on one single page. They will be presented in an array of photos of similar appearance, cropping, and lighting. They will be displayed in alphabetical order and be identified only by first name [and initial of last name when necessary.]
  1. Online voting will commence on a designated date [Section 2] at drdamonorthodontics.com/vote/. Anyone may vote and finalists are encouraged to tell family and friends how to find the site, locate their picture and vote. The ballot is simple and requires the name of the individual[s] in one designated slot and a valid e-mail in the other slot. Those voting will be advised of the receipt of their votes. Only one vote per person per valid e-mail address. At the time of voting, it will be noted how many semi-finalists can be voted on by one person.
  1. Vote submissions will be closely monitored and screened for validity. The email address used by an individual for voting must be either their personal address or the email address of a parent or guardian if they do not have a personal email address.  Any fraudulent activity or abuse may result in disqualification of the vote and possibly the finalist.
  1. Voting will terminate on specified date at a specified time and no other votes will be tallied that may be received after that time and date.
  1. All vote recipients will be notified by telephone at the end of the voting period. Only those accepting their election will become part of the Szymanowski Orthodontics “Sactown Smiles” group for that marketing period. Those who fail to accept will be replaced by alternates. The finalists will be treated to a professional photography session at a location chosen by Szymanowski Orthodontics, and the company will be responsible for all costs associated with those sessions. All winners will be required to attend this session or they will be replaced by alternates. Winners will be required to sign a standard photographic release forms.
  1. All winners are prohibited from altering their appearance in any substantial way after their selection and in the 7 days prior to the professional photography shoot other than minor grooming and blemish control.
  1. All photography produced in these professional sessions will become the sole property of Szymanowski Orthodontics. The photography may be used in marketing and media productions of Szymanowski Orthodontics during the specified time frame. These photos may be used in the website, direct mail products, posters, billboards, television and any other media outlet designated by the corporation. During the specified marketing period, the photos and appearances will only be used to promote Szymanowski Orthodontics. Following that period, the media will remain the property of the corporation and be used totally at the discretion of the corporation.
  1. Finalists should understand that, although they will represent Szymanowski Orthodontics in print and other media, there are no guarantees that said finalists will appear in any particular [or all] the Szymanowski Orthodontics marketing venues. Finalists will be chosen for specific projects based on a variety of factors. These decisions will be made exclusively by Szymanowski Orthodontics management and media team, and these decisions are final and without appeal.
  1. All photography will become the property of Szymanowski Orthodontics and may not be used by anyone without the expressed written permission of the corporation. Winners will be permitted to have some of their photographic product available for use in their portfolio only. No other commercial use of these photos will be permitted. Use of these photos will also require the expressed written permission of the corporation.
  1. Szymanowski Orthodontics reserves full right to disqualify any “Sactown Smiles” Contest entrant from the contest at any time during the contest period, or to replace any contest winner with an alternate at any time during the annual marketing period, if such entrant or winner commits any act or does anything that indicates dishonesty or moral turpitude or that otherwise might tend to reflect unfavorably on Szymanowski Orthodontics or the “Sactown Smiles” Contest.
  1. Individuals chosen as a semi-finalist of the contest but not elected as one of the winners may reenter the contest in subsequent years. Those chosen as the finalist may not enter the contest again at any time. Those removed at any time during the nomination, selection, voting, or reign during the marketing period for any cause related to Section 19 or voting irregularities may not reenter the contest at any time.